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Mighty Men of Mymms

  On this page are the listings of the 59 Men of Mymms who left our Parish to do their bit, never to return, the information is as accurate as possible but any new factual information is always welcome,

A special display was held in St. Mary’s Church from the 9th to the 15th November with complimentary teas & cakes from 2.00 – 4.30pm on the 9th & the 15th, a grand total of £451.83 was donated for the Royal British Legion.

Click on the name for a PDF of the listing

Aslett Francis George

Beach Albert   Bean Percy Frederick   Bennett Frederick Charles   Bligh John    Bligh Robert   Brace John Day   Brace William Thomas  

Canham Charles George   Chamberlain (Mills) Charles  Childs Harry Cecil   Collins Percival

Collins William James   Cooper Edward   Cowland Edward   Cowland Richard Charles

Day Sidney Frederick   Day Walter Reginald

 Eaglestone Edmund Charles   Eaglestone Harry   Eaglestone Percy Neville   Ebbs Henry (Jack)   Ebbs William Joseph

Franklin Walter

Game John Frederick   Gilmore Edward   Gray Arthur RAF   Gray Arthur RFA   Green John Edward    Gubbins Frederick Ellis 

Henderson David Kinnair   Hickson, Frank Herbert   Hipgrave Eaton George   Holland Arthur     

Juby William

Knight, Charles Gamball 

Leader John  Leonard Jack

Mallett John Francis  Maynard George   Margetts Frederick

Nash John  Nash Thomas   Nottingham Thomas

Payne Arthur  Perry Francis Lucas   Pollard Albert Edward  

 Richards Arthur William 

 Russell – Smith Hugh Francis   

Seymour Francis  George   Shuttleworth Frank    Sibley Leonard William    Smith George Edward    Street Albert 

Tyler Bertie    

 Venables George   

Wilkinson John Villiers   Woodcock Arthur   Wren George John